What languages is the video available in?
Available in English or Spanish.

Does this video follow ICPI, BIA, NCMA and industry specifications?

What will I learn from this video?
Using industry best practices, techniques, and technology, this training video will allow you to increase the quality and efficiency of your crews on all your segmental pavement projects. With the help of SASP’s Founders, the industry’s best paver contractors, you will also learn specialized installation techniques.

How will this video help training in my company?
• Building block for in house training program
• Cost effective training format
• Structured training format
• Improve crew efficiencies
• Increase profitability
• Raises employee expectations for higher level of detail & quality
• Standardize installation practices
• Frees up time for those doing the in-house training

How long is the video?
136 minutes for the whole video including Site Preparation, Concrete Section & Clay Section

How do I become certified?
Follow the instructions for Registration and Testing found here.

Where do I get the test?
The test will be emailed or mailed depending on whether it will be used for In-House Training or at a Public Event. Find out more here.

What is the cost of the test?
The cost of the test is $75 per person

What do I need to score to pass the test and receive certification?
You will need to score 80% or higher in order to pass the test and receive certification.

If I don’t pass, can I re-take the test?
Yes, you can take the test up to 3 times in a 12 month period

Does it cost extra to re-take the test?
Yes, there is a $50 administrative fee to re-take the test.

How do I know if I pass the test?
You will receive a Certificate from the School for Advanced Segmental Paving in the mail.

How do I know if I don’t pass the test?
You will receive an email from SASP with instructions on how to re-take the test.

Can I watch the video and NOT get certified?
Yes, this video is great to use as in house training for your crew.

What does the video cost?
Video Price is $99 per video (quantity discounts are available)

What are the benefits of certification?
Certificate of Achievement from the School for Advanced Segmental Paving
$100 credit to any hand-on class at the School for Advanced Segmental Paving
Certified SASP Installer decal
Listing on Certified Installer Section of SASP website

I am holding an event and would like to administer the video and test to a group, is this ok?
Yes. More info on Public Event Hosting is available here.

How much time is suggested to administer the video and test?
Minimum of 4 hours is suggested, 3 hours to administer video including time for Q & A and 1 hour for testing.


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